Wind Energy Articles

Wind Farm Performance
16th Feb 2013
Graphs depicting performance of wind farms connected to the electricity grid in south-eastern Australia: more details
Infrasound not a problem
4th Feb 2013
CEC Media Release: South Australian EPA says no issue with inaudible wind farm noise Monday 4 February 2013 A r... more details
Living Next to a Wind Farm
26th Sep 2012
"It makes business sense, it makes environmental sense, but really these are air molecules that are flying by here and they are going to fly by whether we use them or not... With a wind farm or a wind turbine, if anything goes wrong with it, it's not going to be an environmental disaster, we're not going to have radiation here for a hundred thousand years in the future. We're not going to die in our sleep if there's a sour gas problem - wind turbines are very safe for us and for our com... more details
NEW Submission to NSW Draft Guidelines for Wind Development
9th Apr 2012
Read NEW's submission more details
Australia and Denmark - wind capacity
14th Mar 2012
Australia's twist in the wind 13 Mar 2012 Matthew Wright Denmark's renewable energy achievements and its ambitious targets demonstrate a serious plan to lead the world in tackling global climate and energy security. Wind turbine technology will power half of its plan. At the end of last year, Denmark announced that it will increase its share of wind power in the electricity supply mix from 25 per cent, its total today, to 50 per cent by 2020. T... more details
Wind v Coal
22nd Feb 2012
House swap: I’ll take wind turbines over a coal mine By Matthew Wright on 22 February 2012 Wind turbines. You either love them (like 75 per cent of us), or hate them (15 per cent). Or, you couldn’t care less. Coal mines: you either love them, like those who reap their profits (20 per cent), or you hate them (80 per cent), like those who have to live near them. The problem of differing public attitudes to energy sources has bee... more details
Global Wind Energy
8th Feb 2012
Release of global wind statistics: Wind Energy Powers Ahead Despite Economic Turmoil   21% increase in global installed capacity ... more details
Facts, Myths and Information about Wind Power
4th Feb 2012
Facts, Myths & Information about Wind Power Collection of 11 documents, covering wind facts, myths, health concerns, community attitudes and more. Clean Energy Employment for New England more details
Wind Power
3rd Feb 2012
Wind Power (Extracts from articles by Clean Energy Council and Embark) Photo shows step-up substation at base of tower on Capital wind Farm, southern NSW. Wind power harnesses the inexhaustible energy of the wind to generate electricity. It is one of the most cost-effective renewable energy sources. The technology to harvest it is well proven, and is already being used widely around the world to provide reliable ele... more details