Community Renewable Energy Articles

Denmark WA community wind farm
13th Apr 2013
Read about the second community owned wind farm in Australia which has recently begun operations in WA. more details
Energy Independence in German Town
23rd Feb 2013
German town goes off the grid, achieves energy independence ... more details
CRE and its role in Denmark
26th Mar 2012
Community renewable energy is a discrete segment of the renewable energy sector.Community wind power projects in Denmark played a pivotal role in kick-starting the commercial wind power industry. Denmark is now a global leader in wind turbine design and manufacture.While community renewable energy is a relatively new concept in Australia, it is a substantial segment in Western Europe and Northern America. For example, community and co-operative owne... more details
UK - The Communities Taking Renewable Energy into Their Own Hands
26th Mar 2012
Ed Mayo for Ecologist 6 January 2012 Late last year we - Co-operatives UK and The Co-operative Group - published a new report which reveals the growing number of people who are choosing to start renewable energy co-operatives in their communities, against all the odds. What is exciting about the report is that it is the first and most comprehensive guide to what amounts to a new movemen... more details
Community Renewable Energy - Overview
30th Jan 2012
  Community Renewable Energy Community renewable energy projects are those initiated, owned and managed by local communities with benefits returning to those communities. Although community ownership of renewable energy projects is a relatively new concept in Australia, successful community projects, particularly with wind energy, are now common in Europe and the US. Through community energy projects local residents are empowered to play a const... more details