New England Wind is a community project which relies heavily on voluntary commitment of time and effort by a few local residents and on the availability of government grants. Donations by individuals, businesses or organisations are greatly appreciated and are an important adjunct to other funding sources to assist with the costs of progressing this project through early developmental stages. The NEW project has reached a critical point where $1m will now need to be raised to meet development costs over the next 3 years.

One way of donating small amounts is to use the New England Mutual account which has been established to be used specifically in relation the the NEW project. This is a Community Partnership Account for which NEW is the designated beneficiary. New England Mutual will donate 1% of the average balances of the accounts of members who nominate this project as a beneficiary - all at no cost to the account holders. For more details about this account, please contact New England Mutual.

If you wish to donate either funding or your time as a volunteer, please Contact Us.