About NEW

A dedicated group of individuals and community organisations has been leading the New England Wind project with the prospect of establishing the first community wind farm in NSW. NEW has been established under the auspices of Starfish Initiatives which also promotes this project. The New England Wind Consortium operates as a Steering Committee, while expertise is contracted to carry out necessary work. Details of the Team behind this project can be found in About People on this website.

Establishing a community wind farm in New England will involve perhaps 10 years of work to cover all the necessary stages of development. A cooperative, the New England Wind Cooperative (NEW Coop) will be formed to lead and coordinate the NEW project.

In the initial phase of this project, results of the feasibility study have shown overwhelming community support for community wind farms in New England and more than 100 landholders offered to host wind turbines on their properties.

For details about the phases of work involved in the NEW project, please follow the links below.