Windfarms Tour - 7-10 November 2013

Visiting working wind farms is key for New England Wind as residents have had less direct experience of a modern wind farm compared with other NSW Regions which are located closer to operational wind farms. Hepburn Wind identified this strategy as one of the keys to their success, providing community members with an opportunity to gain first hand experience, particularly with regard to issues of visual and acoustic impacts.

On 8th November Woodlawn Wind Farm was open to NEW, thanks to the operator, Infigen.


The NSW Government Office of Environment & Heritage was the major sponsor of the tour as part of their Community Renewable Energy Grant for the third stage of work on New England Wind.

Additional sponsorship was provided by:


Tour Details

New England Wind provided a 4-day windfarms tour by coach from Armidale to Canberra. The purpose of this tour was to provide first-hand experience of the workings of modern windfarms.

The tour had a strong educational focus to help build understanding regarding the benefits of wind power and address issues such as visual and acoustic impacts. A visit to Woodlawn Windfarm, Bungendore, was included as well as to adjacent Capital Windfarm where we heard from private landholders who are hosting turbines. 

Details of the tour can be read here.